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Kamrad.ru Kamrad.ru » Тематические форумы » Simulators and Arcade Racing » Вышел патч 1.1 для CMRally 3.0
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SpIDer_pal - offline SpIDer_pal
02-08-2003 02:31 URL сообщения      K-Mail    Профиль    Поиск    Контакт-лист   Редактировать

Вышел патч 1.1 для CMRally 3.0

Щас качаю:

Кто-то уже ставил, поделитесь впечатлениями.

VIP - offline VIP
04-08-2003 12:44 URL сообщения      K-Mail    Профиль    Поиск    Контакт-лист   Редактировать

Вырезка в Readme:


This patch contains the following updates:

1) Controller setup now contains a 'Return to Centre' option.

2) Non-English co-driver speech is fixed for Windows 98 machines with SBLive cards.

3) A sound glitch arising from wrongly reported maximum playback frequencies has been fixed (this should improve sound quality on low-end cards)

4) Performance boosted on T&L cards by reducing the update rate for some of the effects.

5) Fixed a logic error that allowed running with no sound card to crash.

6) The VSync problem has been fixed.

7) Force feedback update rate improved.

8) The USA season 2 stages 1&2 English co-driver errors have been fixed.


1. Steering Wheel Tips

There are two different ways in which the pedals might be configured through windows itself. The most common of which uses a single axis for both pedals. This is the setup default in the game. Users of these controllers can just go straight through the controller options screen and play immediately. If the pedals are configured as two different axes (All Microsoft and Logitech steering wheels allow this as do most others), then the key defines for accelerate and brake must be reconfigured. Most controllers using separate axes will also need the flip accelerate/brake option set to yes as the values reported through DirectX are in reverse to what you might expect.

2. Controller menu options

The following options are only available when not using the keyboard for

Analogue steering and acc/brake - governs whether the steering will be controlled by a button (digital) or by a d-pad on a controller. The key configuration screen which follows will then only accept setup from that type of control.

Flip acc/brake: This is most useful on steering wheels where the pedals operate in reverse (ie when fully depressed they report no value and when released report full) - this can be seen either in the appropriate dialogue box in the Gaming Controllers option in the control panel or in the in-game axis calibration screen. This can also be used for reversing the axis if using a d-pad up/down for accelerate and brake.

3. Calibration Tips

Deadzone - This is a zone within an axis range that it is interpret as being at rest. A range is given here, as slight movements on the controller around the rest state should not trigger actions. In the case of steering wheels, it is greatly advised that the deadzone is set as low as possible.

Saturation - This is the point on an axis at which it is defined as being at full range. Again, bringing this closer to centre for steering wheels is advised to reduce the amount of turn a wheel needs to be at to be at full lock.

4. Analogue controls command line

Using 'ANALOGUECONTROLLERS' on the command line will force analogue. Setting the steering to analogue will increase the responsiveness of the steering. Moving the controller to full lock will mean that the car wheels will immediately go to full lock. This should provide a more accurate, but challenging driving experience. No game controller should be either added or removed once the game has been started.

VIP - offline VIP
04-08-2003 12:47 URL сообщения      K-Mail    Профиль    Поиск    Контакт-лист   Редактировать

Понадобится NO CD, брать здесь:

SpIDer_pal - offline SpIDer_pal
04-08-2003 21:05 URL сообщения      K-Mail    Профиль    Поиск    Контакт-лист   Редактировать

У меня пошел с ехе-шником от старой версии
Что-то я изменени не почувствовал

VIP - offline VIP
04-08-2003 21:21 URL сообщения      K-Mail    Профиль    Поиск    Контакт-лист   Редактировать

Потому и не почувствовал Старый ехе - шник, какие могут быть изменения?
Поставь патчь, а затем NO CD для версии 1.1

bah - offline bah
06-08-2003 16:21 URL сообщения      K-Mail    Профиль    Поиск    Контакт-лист   Редактировать

кинь мне этот патч для 1.1, или подскажи где взять ?

bah - offline bah
06-08-2003 16:22 URL сообщения      K-Mail    Профиль    Поиск    Контакт-лист   Редактировать

я имею ввиду NO CD для версии 1.1

VIP - offline VIP
06-08-2003 21:12 URL сообщения      K-Mail    Профиль    Поиск    Контакт-лист   Редактировать

Зачем я ссылку дал в своем посте выше???
Во дают люди...

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