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Pupkin - offline Pupkin
Exclamation22-03-2001 03:40 URL сообщения      K-Mail    Профиль    Поиск    Контакт-лист   Редактировать

Патч для MW4

Size: 4287KB

Previous Gameplay Issues
Divide by Zero message: The Divide by Zero message no longer occurs randomly when you scroll through the master server.

Video playback: Video playback performs correctly.

Nested exceptions: Problems with nested exceptions occurring in

Microsoft Windows 95 during the SafeDisc check have been fixed.

Game lock-up: Exiting the game or declining the EULA will not cause the game to lock up.

Neomagic 256XL+ chipset: You can now run the game using the Neomagic 256XL+ chipset.

Controllers: The game will not fail with game controllers that have no buttons or more than 32 buttons.

Yamaha sound cards: EAX errors will not occur when using Yamaha sound cards with older drivers.

Support for two auxiliary mouse buttons: Using two auxiliary mouse buttons is supported.

Team Only Radar: Enemy ‘Mechs are no longer selectable using the Q & W keys.

Support for multiple ’Mech variants: Having more than 65 ’Mech variants in the dropdown list will not cause the game to crash when you select one.

Command line launch: Launching the game via the command line will not misreport the dedicated server and number of players.

Player ’Mech speedup: No longer occurs.

Servers list: You can see the servers listed in ZoneMatch without having to re-launch the game.

’Mech movement: Keyboard users will no longer see the ’Mech turning around in a circle during a training mission.

“Foot off edge” crash: Fixed most common occurances.

Atlas AMS: Atlas AMS will now respawn every time.

New Features!!
Team chat indicated in multiplayer shell and ’MechLab: To see the word “team” before your call sign, indicating that you are using team chat, type -u followed by your message.

Number of players per team announced in chat whenever someone joins or leaves a team: During a team game, a message that includes the number and head count of teams containing at least one team member will be displayed according to the following rules:
1. When a player connects to the game, the message will be displayed only to the incoming player.
2. When a player who is on a team disconnects from the game, the message will be displayed to everyone in the game.
3. When a player changes his current team number, the message will be displayed to everyone in the game.
4. When the host changes a bot's current team number, the message will be displayed to everyone in the game.
5. When the host removes a bot that is on a team, the message will be displayed to everyone in the game.

Host can kick and ban players from game: Using the "-b" identifier for ban and the "-k" identifier for kick, the host can kick or ban any player during the course of the game. The host must be in chat or team chat mode to kick or ban a player. Both kick and ban have the same usage syntax:

-k|-b "[Player Name]" <number>

[Player Name] is the name of the player you want to kick or ban. The name must be enclosed by quotation marks. If there is more than one player with the same name, a list of these players will be displayed in the chat box, along with their numbers, kills, deaths, and scores. The host can then use the number displayed to kick or ban that specific player.

Dedicated server chat appears: The dedicated server chat box now displays all incoming messages.

Look Back (Behind) can be mapped to key: To map Look Back to a key, either create a new pilot, or reset your key configuration from the options page. This feature is for US versions only.

Dedicated server support for no audio/video with frame rate limiter: The -serve command line option now allows you to run the game without requiring audio or a hardware renderer. If you have hardware support but wish to have the server run in software only, you can use the /gosUseSW switch. This switch only works with -serve and not on its own.

Password switch for command line dedicated server: When used with the -serve command line option, you can specify a password with -password. The password cannot contain spaces and should not be enclosed in quotation marks.

Auto torso centering option can be turned off: To turn off auto torso centering or to change the auto centering options, perform the following procedure in the Options.ini file:

Under [special commands] AutoTorsoCenter=, you can set these values:
LeaveTorsoAlone: 0
CenterTorsoToLegs: 1
CenterLegsToTorso: 2

Note: The default position is CenterLegsToTorso(2), if nothing is set in the Options.ini file.

Game length is increased: The game timers now have 90- and 120-minute settings.

Counter for SPEED HACK: Using the PC Over Clock hack utility to increase ‘Mech movement to “super fast” will hold the ‘Mech in place until turned off.

Cancel Button: A cancel button has been added in the "Connection is being established..." screen to exit back to the game lobby if the server is not responding.

Вот, а на Zone теперь из-за этого черте что творится.

Если кто узнает, вышел-ли вообще/где взять NOCD для этого патча - черканите здесь.

Pupkin - offline Pupkin
24-03-2001 02:20 URL сообщения      K-Mail    Профиль    Поиск    Контакт-лист   Редактировать

Если кому нужен оригинальный .exe для установки патча (error 0036):
~128 кило.

Крякнутый .exe:
~1.5 метра.

Cruel_Crow - offline Cruel_Crow
Post25-03-2001 22:07 URL сообщения      K-Mail    Профиль    Поиск    Контакт-лист   Редактировать
Злой и с перьями

А по русски можно? Не думай, что английский не знаю, просто лень читать

Cruel_Crow - offline Cruel_Crow
Unhappy25-03-2001 22:10 URL сообщения      K-Mail    Профиль    Поиск    Контакт-лист   Редактировать
Злой и с перьями

NOCD сам ищу, но скорее всего в интернете в широком использовании он будет только через дня 3-4

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