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История России в мире Fallout!

Вот, выкопал!
Fallout Bible, Russian timeline

Version 1.1
Idea and concept by yPArAH
Additional ideas by $Vanger$, FriagoN, Wanderer, BloodAxe, Hallas the lucky, Josif Stalin

1. When the Big One occurs, Russia will already no longer be a communist country (proof available in the Bible timeline and in the words of President).
2. We can be what we are - a smart, educated, fast-developing nation (no objections to that are known to me).
3. Our methods of radioactive waste utilization and underground disposal are the most efficient (this is a fact, not an assumption).
4. Russia was not mentioned in the Bible, thus anything could happen to our country.

Key idea: "What can change the nature of a country?"
Answer: "One person can disturb the balance"

1950 - Alexey Danilov is appointed head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. He is an ex-intelligence officer, smart, long-sighted, learned and lacking the communist tunnel vision. A. Sakharov renders the key diagram of a TOKAMAK thermonuclear reactor.
1953 - Joseph Stalin dies. A. Danilov is made the general secretary of the party - mainly for the fact the Force is strong with him (the Force includes the army, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the party apparatus). MIA is never transformed into KGB and "destalinization" begins.
1954 -1964 – step-by-step transition from a state-planned economy to a free market economy.
1956 - first experimental TOKAMAK built in the Kurchatov Institute of Atomic energy.
1960 - after a successful coup the communist party is overthrown and disbanded. After a nation-wide vote, Alexey Danilov is elected to office for a period of 4 years.
1963 - currency reform, denomination.
1970 - an experimental thermonuclear reactor starts producing electricity in kilowatts. It's practical efficiency is still low, so it is used for the institute's internal purposes.
1975 - elected president Dmitry Logvinov appears to be a latent communist. His desperate attempt to turn back history (to the communistic past) brings the country to civil war.
1976, September 20th – under the command of senior lieutenant Dmitry Starkov, the "Sobol" special operations team carries out an assault on the president's countryhouse. Dmitry Logvinov dies.
1976, September 21st – the central figure of the winning side, Tatiana Glushkova changes the form of government to a presidential republic with a right of succession. She also becomes the first president of the new Russia. From that moment on, all communist and nationalist political movements are officially strictly forbidden.
1976, December 25th - a global economic crisis occurs. Russia's economy, already drained by the war, suffers the most, but does not crash. Long-term scientific studies are frozen, and the active export of natural resources begins.
1980 - this year takes it's name "80-80" from the total number of 80 protests and mass riots occurring during the year.
1990, May 16th - Dmitry Starkov resigns from the army as a two-star general and begins to work in the defense industry, in the Research Institute of Precise Construction in the city of Klimovsk.
1990-2002 - Russia slowly decreases its amount of oil exports.
2001, April 1st - the first fully functional TOKAMAK thermonuclear reactor begins to produce energy for the city of Moscow. The West will believe in it only after two months - everybody initially thought it was a joke. Russia slowly begins to shut down all conventional nuclear power plants. This process will take more than twenty years, but the fact itself is exhilarating.
2005, July - Islamic terrorists make two successful attacks on the new power plants. The selected targets are the Russian TOKAMAK T-21 (I do not know whether Chernobyl was mentioned in the Bible or not, but if yes, let it be there) and the European ITER (passing final tests at the moment). Never coming to an agreement, the EC decides to postpone all works on the next version of the reactor. Due to the uniqueness of thermonuclear reactor construction, the surrounding areas of ITER and T-21 are minimally contaminated. It is the outcry that does the most damage. In the US, people demand Congress to either suspend or even ban all research on thermonuclear energy.
2010, January - with superconductor physics in their knowledge, Russian scientists create the first AI. It (he) is named "Squall" (in memory of a certain US computer).
2011, November 13th - with the help of "Squall", the ingenious Russian mathematician July Zlatkiss predicts the nearing depletion of fossil fuels. Research on alternative hydrogen-, spirit- and fat-combustion engines begins (or continues in some cases). The defense industry also begins designing new combat vehicles. All tanks, artillery and other armored vehicles now stand still protecting key stretches of the Russian border.
2020, January – the sale of gasoline to private individuals and export of oil-products to any country is abolished by Victoria Yurieva's (current president of Russia) decree. From this moment on, Russia uses oil only for scientific purposes. Everybody in Russia was informed beforehand (2 years before in advance), yet not everybody was able to switch to alternative fuels and transportation. This causes a softening of economy. Oil and gasoline manufacturing and exporting companies either go bankrupt or consolidate with the state monopoly. Armored vehicles guarding the border will never move again. Everybody considers this Russian plan as complete paranoia.
2020, May – the EC, already beginning to suffer from the oil shortage and high oil prices, tries to put some pressure on Russia to force it to export oil again. This diplomatic movement is a failure - all EC diplomats get is a strict "No".
2025 – a leak at the Zelenograd nuclear power plant forces Moscow inhabitants to leave the city (the city was not damaged at all, but radioactive contamination was terrible). "Squall", experiencing a severe glitch in the electric main, goes offline, never to be restored again. Saint Petersburg becomes the temporary capital of Russia.
2027 - China annexes India, gaining territories for it's people and some "bonus" resources.
2030 - many projects of high historical importance were established during this year. The uneasy situation on the Russian-Chinese border imposes the president to publish a new defense doctrine. Its most important part is devoted to a project named "Landmasters", efficient mobile fighting teams capable of resisting superior enemy forces. The loss of Moscow as the administrative, political and cultural center of the country leads to the construction of a new center in the Urals, named "Project New Moscow". The loss of "Squall", which had done much to ensure the economic stability of the country and to predict pressing social situations, brings J. Zlatkiss and Russian scientists to the idea of creating a new, far more advanced model, "Squall-2".
2032, Summer - the concept of Landmasters is complete. This is practically a Russian variation of Power Armor, except for the three different form-factors. The control form-factor is meant for the needs of scouting, patrolling and law enforcement, so it's relatively lightweight, small-framed and extremely maneuverable. The battle form-factor is a full-fledged battle system, capable of sustaining heavy fire and carrying vast amounts of armament (though it looks a bit angular). The assault form-factor is a huge metallic sockdolager (very much like RD-209 or Terran Goliath), with enough firepower, mobility and armor to waste a small army and control huge territories. "Squall-2" developers put much effort into refining the machine's predicting functions, hoping to achieve even better results in the future.
2035 - New Moscow is built, automatically becoming the new capital of new Russia. All governmental authorities move there, as well as the AI development team.
2041 - on the eve of the beginning of World War Two, Islamic fundamentalists begin a full-scale assault on new Russia. Frontier sentries on the Middle Asian border of Russia defend the country (with the help of entrenched armored vehicles) for 10 days, after which they are forced to retreat. Russia, with no functioning warplanes or battle vehicles, is forced to seek help among neighbor countries. Help is offered by Japan and China (not for free, of course - China wants some territories, Japan still asks for the same - the Kuril Islands). China's "offer" is rejected (this brings tensions between Russia and China even further – the Chinese were not happy with the subversion of the Russian communist party from the very beginning), but the Japanese get what they want, putting an end to all the diplomatic tensions and opening areas of scientific collaboration. And, of course, with the aid from Japanese mechanized divisions (still burning fossil fuels) the Russian army begins to push back the Islamic fighters.
2042, February - the first shipment of battle form-factor Landmasters (model HZ-2-40) manufactured in Ekaterinburg arrives on the battlefield. Terrorists suffer a crushing defeat and flee to their countries licking their wounds. The Russian defense industry begins to work on the defense capacity of the country.
2042, April - several popular movements against Islam and it's followers are registered. The president manages to bring order to the nation, yet several mosques are destroyed.
2045 – reinforcement on the border enters it's final stage. From that moment on, not only soldiers from the active military establishment but also Landmasters of battle and assault form-factor stand watching the border. Upgrading the National Air Defense system, previously kept in the state of "almost dead", begins. Control form-factor Landmasters (model HZ-1-32) appear in the streets of major Russian cities (initially in New Moscow, Ekaterinburg and Saint Petersburg). The crime rate, already very low at the moment, decreases even more. Misdemeanors and other minor violations are becoming "unpopular" in the masses. An energy crisis slowly introduces itself into the world.
2049 - the year of space exploration. A conceptually new system of missile detection and interception, "Star geyser", enters the final testing stage. Also, a spacecraft is launched from Plesetsk spaceport (destination Mars) – the last time such quantities of fossil fuel are used in Russia.
2052 - Resource Wars begin. "Squall-2" predicts the inevitability of nuclear exchange between European and Asian countries. This prediction is not published in the press (to avoid panic), but people are slowly and carefully evacuated from certain border territories to the center of the country. Scientists try hard to create anti-rad coating for the Landmasters and improved anti-rad chems for the usual army.
2053 - answering the appearance of the "New Plague" in Europe, Russia drops the "Mk.II Iron Curtain". The country becomes pretty isolated, all that is known about it is what the Russians say. The right to communicate remains (the plague is not transported by cables), but entering and exiting the country is forbidden. Russia mourns the loss of Tel-Aviv from a safe distance. Russian microbiologists, using the old bioweapon creation data, are able to find an antidote relatively fast, so a nation-wide inoculation begins before the plague does any serious damage, but the infamous war (and the antidote-carrying plane downed by Arabs) hinders the curing of Europe. Not willing to risk anymore, the scientists send the antidote formula to their European colleagues with no certainties for its successful usage. Nothing is know about the European antidote.
2054 - nuclear weapons are used in the European-Asian conflict. New versions of Landmasters (models HZ-2-42 and HZ-3-15 accordingly) are sent to protect the borders nearest the conflict zone. These models differ from previous ones not only because of the new anti-rad coating, but also because of the first successful implementation of fusion cells. America's "Project Safehouse" is acknowledged, but nothing more. The president rejects the idea of Vault construction: "If we have to survive, we will survive together".
2054, May 25th - the day of a big Russian diplomatic victory (thanks to Nikolay Yablokin, Minister of Foreign Affairs). The Japanese break their defense treaty with the US and make a union with Russia. "Does it matter to whom the islands belong? We are all human beings and we must live!" The scientific research progress of the Union is now measured in quantum leaps. A gradual unification of the two nations begins to take shape.
2056, August 28th - a 22-year-old prodigy, bachelor of physics Natalia Fedrushkidze, theoretically validates the possibility of creating force fields.
2059, March 2nd – the Mars expedition successfully returns to the Plesetsk spaceport. Everyone is alive and in good health. "Does life on Mars exist? No!" However, they had found something… Something was immediately classified, nothing has been heard about it ever since. Certain rumors about alien technology used to reinforce the armed forces lingered in the press for some time (as usual), but no proof was ever found. The story was quickly forgotten.
2060 - simultaneously with America, Russia begins to manufacture fusion-cell-powered cars. A synthetic oil manufacturing plant is constructed under the supervision of Dr. Hazuki Sato in Primoriye (converts useless organic matter into oil). "Natural oil" fields start to dry out. A decision is made not to develop new ones, so oil industry switches from mining to creating and exploiting synthetic oil plants (yes, converting useless nuts into oil).
2061, January 19th - the last functioning nuclear reactor is blanketed.
2061, March 8th - International women's day. The new president of Russia, Elizaveta Ol'shanskaya, receives greetings.
2061, Fall - China attempts an "unofficial" Russia invasion, demanding territories ("or we'll kick your ass"). The attack dies out under fire of Landmasters. Suffering such a jolt, China pulls back and decides not to try its luck again. No casualties from our side, except for a few light wounds in the ranks of controllers - some of them were too enthusiastic about flying above the battlefield (model HZ-1-40 with jumpjets). Commander of the vector, Volfgang Tsunami, is awarded with a Hero of Russia star.
2066, Spring - negotiations on oil procurements between the USA and China come to a full stop. "Squall-2" forecasts a nuclear conflict between the two nations. The President of Russia and the Japanese Prime Minister jointly order the Union scientists to develop efficient defense methods for such case. "Star Geyser - 3M" enters active service.
2067, December – a general civil defense plan is laid on the President's table. It includes construction of several enormous underground cities (UC), shielding of key cities with force F-fields, upgrading existing civil defense structures, creating individual means of protection and 20 more items. After saying "Poyehalee!" (which is Russian for "Let's do it!"), the president appeals the Japanese Prime Minister with a suggestion to unite further in an attempt to survive. The Institute of Sociology conducts a survey on the popularity of the idea of war, confirming the assumption that nobody needs it. The budgets of Russia and Japan consolidate in the creation of the great project.
2068, October - test hardening of the existing Stalin bunker in Samara is successful. Gaining such priceless experience, Japanese and Russian builders begin their work on UC-1.
2070 – the first problems with the "Landmasters" program are experienced. Assault form-factor pilots begin to occasionally lose control of the machines. An investigation indicates this is due to the fact that the onboard electronics and AI is sensitive to the emotional states of the wearer. Requirements for becoming an assault form-factor Landmaster pilot are made more stringent.
2071 - under the leadership of Pyotr Starkov, scientists from the Institute of Precise Construction develop a prototype of a plasma gun. Of course, it never enters production due to numerous drawbacks (such as unserviceability, useless firing distance, etc…).
2072 - UC-1 is constructed under New Moscow. The city is completed with extra levels of protection and an ability to hold 6 million residents for an infinite period of time. "Squall-3" - a child of N. Fedrushkidze and "Squall-2" himself ("Congratulations - you are now a father!") – has also been relocated there. Its aim is to coordinate and control life in all UCs. As an experiment, UC-1 is inhabited with 1 million Japanese settlers for a period of 1 year.
2073 - folks in UC-1 survived and did not show any mental disorders or instabilities. While some builders celebrate this, others work hard to complete the F-fields protecting border garrisons and key cities. These fields do not deflect physical objects, but offer excellent protection against harmful irradiated emissions (as well as deflecting small radioactive fragments of soil and dust). To be on the safe side, air purification stations are installed in every such city and garrison.
2073, Fall - people rush to army recruiting offices. Because of patriotic feelings, many desire to protect their country. Many simply wish to become Landmasters pilots. There are also many that do not wish to go underground.
2075 - "Squall-2" not only predicts - it states the inevitability of a nuclear war (well, you do not have to be computer to understand that in this period of time). Yet, he also estimates the chances of the Union's survival as very high. People are begun to be slowly evacuated from border towns in general and southern ones specifically to the center of the Russia. Japanese people, who do not wish to stay in their own UCs, often decide to move to Russia as well.
2077, October 23rd - at the moment when the missiles are launched two Russian UCs are not yet complete. "Star Geyser - 3M" awakens from suspended monitoring state and begins to shoot down missiles flying, purposefully or not, towards Russia or Japan. UCs are populated in a hurry, "Squall-3" closes the hermetic blast doors. Garrisons are in the advanced readiness. People hurry to leave the 100-kilometer near-border zone, to get away from random American rockets. "Star Geyser" appears to be 90% efficient - five missiles hit two border towns in Russia and three in Japan, reducing them to ashes and killing a group of Landmasters in one of them (Landmaster units were dispatched to monitor Russian-Chinese borders and shoot refugees on sight). Volfgang Tsunami perishes in the atomic fire.
2077, October 24th - president Ol'shanskaya decides to live underground for 100 years. Her decision is supported by groups of UC citizens (both of Russian and Japanese origin). People remaining exteriorly do not complain either. The only ones who complain are the builders of the two uncompleted northern UCs, who are still fixing the numerous flaws and bugs with the help of hammer, chisel and lots of swearing.
2077, October 25th - two AIs combine their efforts in order to estimate the number of perished Union citizens. The number (according to their imprecise estimation) totals 1 million people (two Russians for every three Japanese).
2077, December 12th - with help of army specialists, Landmasters make an observation on radioactivity and general contamination. A total of three men dying of radiation sickness show the state of things.
2080 - HARS (Hardened Anti-Radiation Suit) is created in UC-1. When put on, it allows the wearer to stay in highly contaminated areas for prolonged periods of time. Because it is military ordinance it also is good body armor.
2081 – the first suits arrive at the garrisons. UC-1, sight unseen called "Center", sends out an expedition to explore long abandoned Moscow.
2085 - disaffection arouses in UC-2 under Ekaterinburg. A small faction of people exit the UC to live exteriorly. No harm is done, no harm was meant, no harm could be done, but even while the crisis is averted, steps are taken. To avoid further riots, the Center sends Landmaster (control form-factor) reinforcements to all UCs.
2130 - the Great Winter begins.
2156 - a group of assault form-factor Landmasters, acknowledging their higher designation and perfection, opens the doors to UC-7 in order to get the human stock and send it to the factory to create more assault Landmasters (whether they like it or not). People, however, do not wish to become connected to machines, so they start resisting. Outraged Landmasters kill more than half of the UC's population before an extermination squad under the leadership of Ernest Tsunami arrives. The barmies are completely wiped out. Around 3 million Union citizens die in the "accident" - more than that killed during the conflict. The President declares September 3rd the National Mourning Day. All Landmasters pilots are summoned to UC-7 for medical and psychological examination.
2177 - planned date of UC opening. Not everybody leaves - many prefer to live and work underground.
2190, August 15th - Svetlana Ol'shanskaya's date of birth. This human being will do much for the country, but at the moment she is a klutzy infant.
2201 – the first prototype of a Landmaster with an antigravity engine is constructed. The project, as well as two full plastic sacks of "results", is made top secret.
2212, Winter - Svetlana Ol'shanskaya marries Anatoly Starkov.
2240 - Center decides to issue an expedition to some other country for the purposes of evaluation it's condition and the possibility of restoring its civilization. China is rejected from the very beginning - this land proves to be contaminated to no end. Europe is also of no interest - all interest in this heap of gnawing nations was lost after 2060. Japanese Prime Minister Satoshi Isoguro suggests president Ol'shanskaya to explore the former US. The planning and preparation begins: a reconnaissance detachment is sent to one of the strategic aerodromes to check if the planes are intact; all members of the expedition undergo an intensive hypnotic course of foreign languages (nobody is sure if America still speaks English); vast amounts of anti-rad medicaments are manufactured; a competitive selection is conducted among Landmasters pilots.
2242 - inventory and fuel begins to be stockpiled at the aerodrome.
2245, June 5th - three troop-carrying planes take off from the aerodrome and set course to America. Anatoly Starkov waves to his wife through the illuminator, while in the cargo bay Victor Tsunami unsuccessfully tries to put some American book on the hand manipulator of his assault form-factor Landmaster (model HZ-3-27)…

What’s next? The expedition successfully airdrops to the Great Alien Plain, where they found a city named Lanah and begin fulfilling the mission objectives.
The future is unknown…

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Конечно, надо это все на русский перевести. Есть желающие?

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Что такое Big One?

Prince Dakkar - offline Prince Dakkar
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Local Master of your Destiny

Где откопал то? А то с yPArAH мы были знакомы...

Kangax - offline Kangax
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Кстати про исламских террористов все сходится...
а вот новая Москва это уже что-то

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Mad fancier

Big One вроде ядерный взрыв или бомба....

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Дракон царских кровей
Droplet Keeper forever

Big One - первая ядерная бомба. Здесь похоже исходный момент - момент создания первой ядерки

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Дракон царских кровей
Droplet Keeper forever

Ну что же? Начнем помолясь...

1950 - Алексей Данилов назначен главой Министерства внутренних дел. Бывший офицер разведки, дальновидный, образованный; у него нет коммунистичекой ограниченности видения мира.
Академик Сахаров начертил ключевую диаграмму ТОКАМАКа - термоядерного реактора.

Изменено: VorteX DrAgON, 12-04-2002 в 08:51

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Дракон царских кровей
Droplet Keeper forever

1953 - Скончался Иосиф Сталин. Данилов стал генсеком партии - его главный фактор - фактор силы( армия, МВД и госаппарат). МВД снова преобразован в КГБ и начинается "десталинизация"

1954 -1964 – шаг за шагом государственная экономика планирования идет к экономике рыночных отношений.

1956 - Первый экспериментальный ТОКАМАК построен в Институте атомной энергии имени Курчатова.

1960 - Коммунистическая партия свергнута и расформирована. После всероссийских выборов Алексей Данилов избран президентом на срок 4 года.

1963 - Денежная реформа и деноминация.

1970 - Экспериментальный реактор начинает производить киловатты электричества. Это не подходит для практического применения, но используется для внутренних нужд института.

1975 - Избранный президент Дмитрий Логинов является коммунистом. Его отчаянная попытка повернуть историю вспять(к коммунистическому прошлому) приводит страну в состояние гражданской войны.

1976, 20 сентября - под командованием лейтенанта Дмитрия Старкова группа спецназа "Соболь" производит попытку ареста президента в его загородном доме. Логинов "умирает".

1976, 21 сентября Татьяна Глушкова - центральная фигура выигравшей стороны - меняет форму правления в сторону президентской республики с правом преемственности. Она же и становится первым президентом новой России. С этого момента все коммунистические и националистические движения официально запрещены.

1976, 25 декабря - Происходит глобальный экономический кризис. Россиская экономика, подточенная войной, сильно упала, но не потерпела крах. Долговременные научные исследования заморожены, начинается активный вывоз природных ресурсов.

VorteX DrAgON - offline VorteX DrAgON
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Дракон царских кровей
Droplet Keeper forever

1980 - этот год получил название "восемьдесят восьмидесятых" из-за протестов и массовых беспорядков общим количеством 80, происшедших в этом году.

1990, 16 мая - Дмитрий Старков уходит в отставку двухзвездочным генералом(маршаллом что ли ?) и начинает работать в оборонной индустрии, в Исследовательском институте Точных конструкций, находящегося в городк Климовск.

1990-2002 - Россия понемногу снижает уровень экспорта нефти.

2001, 1 апреля - первый полностью функционирующий ТОКАМАК начинает производить энергию для Москвы. Запад поверит в это только в последующие 2 месяца( все будут думать что это первоапрельский розыгрыш). Россия медленно начинает свертывать все обычные АЭС. Этот процесс занимает более 2-х лет, но факты говорят сами за себя.

MonsterWheel - offline MonsterWheel
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не испытывающий недостатка в коммунистическом видении мира
Уже неправильно
Правильно - Не имеющий коммунистичекой ограниченности видения мира

VorteX DrAgON - offline VorteX DrAgON
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Дракон царских кровей
Droplet Keeper forever

Начинается самое сложное...

2005, Июль - Исламские террористы проводят две успешных атаки на новые АЭС. Мишенями выбраны Российский ТОКАМАК Т-21(не знаю, упоминается ли в Библии аналог Чернобыля, но если да, то это он и есть) и европейская ITER( прошедшая последние тесты к тому моменту). Так и не придя к соглашению, EC решает отложить все работы над следующей версией реактора. Благодаря уникальной конструкции ректора окружающая местность ITER и Т-21 практически не загрязнена выбросами. Но больше всего вреда нанесли протесты. В Штатах народ потребовал от Конгресса приостановить или запретить вообще все исследования в области атомной энергетики.

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Дракон царских кровей
Droplet Keeper forever

Спасибо за исправления ! Не так уж я и силен в английском.

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Дракон царских кровей
Droplet Keeper forever

2010, Январь - Россиские ученые создают первый искусственный интеллект( AI), используя свои знания в физике сверхпроводников, и называют его в честь ?первого? американского компьютера "Squall"( кстати интересно переводится - "Вопль").

2011, 13 ноября - с помощью "Squall" гениальный русский математик Юлия Златкис предсказывает скорое истощение природного топлива. Начинаются исследования в области альтернативного топлива: двигателей на основе водорода, ?spirit? и ?сжигаемых жиров?. Оборонная индустрия начинает разрабатывать новые виды техники. Благодаря этому артиллерия и другая боевая техника теперь охраняет ключевые позиции Российской границы.

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Дракон царских кровей
Droplet Keeper forever

2020, Январь - Отменены продажа топлива физическим лицам и экспорт нефтепродуктов во все страны мира декретом Виктории Юрьевой( очередной президент России). С этого момента Россия использует нефть только для научных исследований. Все жители России проинформированы заранее( за 2 года), что теперь каждый может перйти на альтернативное топливо и транспортировку. Это приводит к подьему экономики. Добываемые нефть и газ монополизируются и переходят в государственную собственность. Боевая техника на государственной границе больше никогда не уйдет оттуда. Все считают планы России законченной паранойей( а нас всегда за дураков держали ).

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Дракон царских кровей
Droplet Keeper forever

Ох.. как много еще всего...

2020, май – ЕС, начинающий страдать от сокращения запасов нефти и высоких цен на нее, пытается оказать давление на Россию, что бы заставить продолжить экспорт. Его дипломатические шаги потерпели фиаско - все дипломаты Европейского Совета получили ответ "НЕТ".

2025 – Из-за утечки в Зеленоградской АЭС из Москвы эвакуируются все жители( город не поврежден, но радиоактивное загразнение просто ужасно) "Squall" выключен из-за недостатка энергии и больше никогда не вернется к жизни. Санкт-Петербург становится временной столицей России.

2027 - Китай аннексирует Индию, захватывая ее территорию и некоторые "особо полезные" ресурсы.

2030 - в этом году реализовано много проектов большой исторической важности. Сложная ситуация на Российско-Китайской границе заставляет опубликовать президента Доктрину новой обороны. Ее самая важная часть посвящена проекту под названием "Landmasters"( не буду переводить, уж очень по фэнтезийному получается), группам эффективной мобильной поддержки против превосходящих сил врага. Потеря Москвы как административного, политического и культурного центра привела к созданию нового центра на Урале под названием "проект Новая Москва". Потеря "Squall" , который давал гарантии экономической стабильности страны и предотвращал стрессовые социальные ситуации, привело Юлию Златкис и российских ученых к идее о создании новой, более продвинутой модели "Squall-2".

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Дракон царских кровей
Droplet Keeper forever

2032, Лето - разработка концепции Властителей Земли завершена. На практике это вылилось в русский вариант Силовой Брони и три различных ?фактора?. Фактор контроля имел значение для разведки, патрулирования и защиты закона, отсюда броня получилась относительно легкой, малосегментной и с предельно максимальной маневренностью. The battle form-factor is a full-fledged battle system, capable of sustaining heavy fire and carrying vast amounts of armament (though it looks a bit angular). The assault form-factor is a huge metallic sockdolager (very much like RD-209 or Terran Goliath), with enough firepower, mobility and armor to waste a small army and control huge territories. "Squall-2" developers put much effort into refining the machine's predicting functions, hoping to achieve even better results in the future.
Все... сдаюсь... дальше переводите сами...

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VorteX DrAgON
Молодца, настоящий фэн
Prince Dakkar
На форуме Вольного Стрелка отрыл. Кстати, этот "исторический" документ был отправлен создателям Библии (Крису Тейлору вроде) - но ответа пока нема...

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Дракон царских кровей
Droplet Keeper forever

А перевести до конца не помешало бы все таки...
Слишком сложные для литературного перевода фразы пошли

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Сахаров придумал удерживать плазму эм.полем так как она в токамаке достигает 10млн градусов по цельсию,токамаки не завоюют будущие будущие за стеллаторами и торсатронами.
VorteX DrAgON Большое спасибо за перевод.Но как то это все не понастоящему.

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Дракон царских кровей
Droplet Keeper forever

Kolhan Так ведь это все альтернативная история, относящаяся к миру Фолаут. И под ТОКАМАК подразумевается совсем другое, не то что у нас сделали.
И обрати внимание на концовку. Меня что то это заинтриговало... Это уже на завязку чего-то там походит...

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VorteX DrAgON
Да уж, перевод -- занятие не из легких. Я вот переводил "для себя", да так, что страшно посмотреть -- абсолютное отсутствие какого-либо стиля, фразы типа "он сказал, он хороший".
А вообще в этой истории можно было написать все, что душе угодно, ведь "ихняя" Библия не касалась России, так что...

Изменено: COBET, 12-04-2002 в 22:16

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VorteX DrAgOn это очередной бред о нашей стране,если честно като это все равно противно.Но повер армор нащ!!!!!!

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Дракон царских кровей
Droplet Keeper forever

А что, если вся наша жизнь - полный бред и мы в ней чьи-то персонажи???

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А современный токамак это и есть термоядерный реактор.

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