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Kamrad.ru Kamrad.ru » Тематические форумы » RPG » Diablo 1-2-3 » Новый мод "Battle for Elements"
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VorteX DrAgON - offline VorteX DrAgON
16-01-2006 04:29 URL сообщения Дневник     K-Mail    Профиль    Поиск    Контакт-лист   Редактировать
Дракон царских кровей
Droplet Keeper forever

True Mage
А, так вон в чем дело.

Бессмертный Король
Другой мод - создавай другую тему.

True Mage - offline True Mage
12-07-2007 11:11 URL сообщения      K-Mail    Профиль    Поиск    Контакт-лист   Редактировать

Всем привет!

Вышла версия 1.30 моего мода "Battle for Elements" для D2:LoD патч 1.10. Вы можете взять ее здесь (ссылка на FilePlanet, примерно 85Мб).
* Альтернативная ссылка (ModDB): здесь. (без регистрации)

EDIT: Вышел апдейт до версии 1.31. Вы можете взять его здесь (ссылка на FilePlanet, примерно 2,5 Мб).
* Альтернативная ссылка 1 (файл-архив Диаблозоны): здесь. (без регистрации)
* Альтернативная ссылка 2 (ModDB): здесь. (без регистрации)
EDIT2: Вышел апдейт до версии 1.32. Вы можете взять его здесь (ссылка на FilePlanet, примерно 1,5 Мб).
* Альтернативная ссылка 1 (файл-архив Диаблозоны): здесь. (без регистрации)
* Альтернативная ссылка 2 (ModDB): здесь. (без регистрации)

EDIT3: Вышел апдейт до версии 1.33. Вы можете взять его здесь (ссылка на FilePlanet, примерно 2,3 Мб).
* Альтернативная ссылка 1 (ModDB): здесь. (без регистрации)

EDIT4: Вышел апдейт до версии 1.34.
* Ссылка на официальный сайт.
* Альтернативная ссылка (ModDB): здесь.

EDIT5: Вышел апдейт до версии 1.35.
* Ссылка на официальный сайт.
* Альтернативная ссылка (ModDB): здесь.
* File Planet

EDIT6: Вышел апдейт до версии 1.36.
* Ссылка на официальный сайт.
* Альтернативная ссылка (ModDB): здесь.
* File Planet

EDIT7: Вышел апдейт до версии 1.37.
* Ссылка на официальный сайт.
* Альтернативная ссылка (ModDB): здесь.
* File Planet

True Mage - offline True Mage
25-06-2008 08:51 URL сообщения      K-Mail    Профиль    Поиск    Контакт-лист   Редактировать

Вышла версия 1.40 известнейшего мода Battle for Elements

Краткий список изменений:

Global changes:
- Some serious characters' rebalancing. Please, note that characters from previous versions of mod are NOT compatible with this new version.
- Attention! There is one new monster in game that have "one-hit-kill" property! All hardcore players should be cautious!

- New contest!
- 7 new mercenaries.
+Act 1: Master Archer (Inner Sight, Burst of Speed, Magic Arrow, Multiple Shot, Strafe), Javeliner (Inner Sight, Burst of Speed, Poison Javelin, Lightning Bolt, Plague Javelin)
+Act 2: Protective (Power Strike, Cleansing/Vigor/Sanctuary, Charged Strike, Fend), Berserker (Power Strike, Holy Fire/Concentration/Holy Shock, Charged Strike, Fend)
+Act 3: Necromancy (Bone Armor, Teeth, Weaken, Bone Spear, Bone Spirit), Druidic (Firestorm, Molten Boulder, Fissure, Twister, Shock Wave, Tornado)
+Act 5: Mental Warrior (Psychic Hammer, Shock Field, Blade Fury, Mind Blast).
- PlugY 8.00 (thank you, Yohann)!
- Crafted recipes were redone. See Cube Recipes.doc/pdf.
- Aura and Summons Charms now get additional required level per each charm upgrade.
- New User Interface elements.
- Some new monsters and wards were added.
- New area - Maze of the Light (by Cubaholic).
- I have raised hirelings endurance, so now hirelings have more useful auras.

- Chance to get elite item from gamble on Hell dificulty was decreased.
- Drop quality on Hell difficulty was increased.
- Stacked weapons have bigger stack.

Bug fixes:
- Blade Fury and Molten Boulder don't have friendly fire feature anymore.
- Character can open portals to elemental planes in any form now.
- Game crashes in Valley of Ice Warriors were fixed.
- Final nova of Frozen Orb now deals damage when orb collide with obstacle.
- Ancient Vault have more appropriate automap now.
- Bug with too high required level of starting items was fixed.
- "Level 20 Vigor aura when equipped" property as partial set bonus on Fess' Marching Clothes set was replaced during HP fall bug.
- Killing Projection of Nihlatak don't cause appropriate quest to be done anymore.

And yes, new contest!

Well, now we go another way... No more hints! As well as no step-by-step documentation. All you need to know you will search in game. Also I don't want to reveal contest award... Go play and find! Good luck.

True Mage - offline True Mage
14-05-2009 12:29 URL сообщения      K-Mail    Профиль    Поиск    Контакт-лист   Редактировать

Вышла версия 1.50! Полностью переделанный первый акт, новые квесты, конкурсы, предметы, монстры локации...

Краткий список изменений:

    Global changes:
    - All monsters and areas were extensively rebalanced!
    - Adjusted difficulty settings, which result in an easier Normal difficulty, a slightly more difficult Nightmare difficulty, and a more challenging Hell difficulty.
    - New Act I storyline! Look for tons of new items, monsters, and NPC monologues. Look for the special "++++++!!!++++++" signs in the beginning of monologues, and note also
    the gold color of the texts.
    - New "Friendly Fire" doctrine. Now we have different FF skills on different game difficulties. Refer to 'Difficulty Modes & Friendly Fire.doc/pdf' for an explanation.
    - 3DFX Glide video mode was added: Run D2VidTst.exe in root D2 folder, press "Run Test", and choose the 3dfx mods from the list after all tests were performed.
    Please note that the colors of some items, ambient light in some locations, and other such things were optimized for this video mode.
    If you don't like this video mode, you can change some parameters with gl32oglinit.exe or even run D2VidTst.exe one more time and return to your preferred mode.

    New features:
    - Enlarged item graphics! Look for the "Right click for additional information" string on items. I began to add enlarged images for some items, but it is hard and long work,
    so every new version of the mod will contain several such images. Great thanks to Necrolis for coding this feature!
    - No more VBS sсript! Now we have an EXE file to launch the mod. Thanks to Werdn for coding and to Ice_Instinct for the background art!
    - Some User Interface elements were changed.
    - "Rescue Deckard Cain" (A1Q4) quest reward on Normal difficulty was changed. Akara gives two rare rings, Ancient Key, and standard ruby now.
    - 24 new monsters (7 unique)
    - 21 new locations (by Cubaholic)
    - New modifiers for runes, which means that all runewords have been changed as well.
    - New soundtrack for "The Ancient Vault" location by Tony Flex.
    - New Horadric Hypercube animation.
    - Recipes for enabling/disabling death counter on your Talisman (See 'Cube Recipes.doc/pdf').

    - Act 3 Cold mercenaries use Ice Blast instead of Frost Nova.
    - Chance for gold drop was reduced, but its quantity was increased.
    - Chance for drop of Regurgitator blood was increased.
    - Some properties of "Safety" crafted items were nerfed.
    - Potions of Resistance depend on character level now.
    - Sentinel of Light (one-hit-kill monster in the Spider Cavern) was removed because the contest was won.
    - Level of Firebolt retaliation from Goatmen was reduced from 5 to 4.
    - Gargoyle’s Thorns aura strength was reduced on Normal difficulty.
    - The Smith was weakened.
    - Increased chance of exceptional items while gambling on Nightmare difficulty.
    - Some statistical caps were raised.
    - Multiple Shot has more arrows/bolts now.
    - Chance to drop mana and healing potions was reduced (excepting drops from champions).
    - Level requirement for Nature's Peace was reduced; properties of Bul Kathos Wedding Band were improved.
    - Drop chance for runes was boosted.
    - Drop quality from sparkling chests was boosted.

    Bug fixes:
    - Fess' Marching Clothes set charm properties correspond to appropriate set bonuses now.
    - Perspective for Tristram map was disabled.
    - Day/night cycle in some dungeons was removed.
    - Some animation modes for mercenaries were fixed.
    - Favorite Talisman upgrading recipes using 10 Emotions and 10 Cells were changed to prevent one-HP bug when characters level up.
    - Mystery Potions are not beltable anymore.
    - Quest drop for Diablo was fixed.
    - Range of Exotic weapons were fixed.
    - Thorns, poison, and open wounds will now cause "on-death" events. So if you used Thorns to kill a monster, which must die in order to open a portal, then upon death the portal will now open.
    - 32k HP character cap was removed.
    - Some bugged Mystery Potions were replaced.
    - Some in-game texts were edited (great thanks to Myrmidon for my-pidgin-to-common-English translation).

    New contest:
    - As usual, we have a new contest included in new mod version. In two words: SEARCH for TREASURE!!!

True Mage - offline True Mage
07-12-2009 20:08 URL сообщения      K-Mail    Профиль    Поиск    Контакт-лист   Редактировать

Вышла версия 1.51!

Краткий список изменений:

    Global changes:
    - New dynamic gamble costs (thanks to Nefarius for code clarification). Now it scale with character level. This way required to balance maximum buy prices, so those are 10000 on
    Normal, 20000 on Nightmare and 30000 on Hell. Also, I raised overall game drop quality. And in addition, chances for gamble set item now 10%, and 5% for unique item.
    Formula for gamble exceptional and elite versions of items also changed in better way. Now it is: exceptional chance = (ilvl - excep qlvl) * 1,5% + 1% for Nightmare and
    exceptional chance = (ilvl - excep qlvl) * 1,0% + 1%; elite chance = (ilvl - elite qlvl) * 0,5% + 1% for Hell.

    Launcher changes:
    - New launcher feature: Gamble Filter.
    - I fixed some bugs when user doesn't have appropriate game registry keys.
    - Now you can edit some PlugY options. Remember that you can't edit any options stated in PlugYDefault/PlugYFixed.ini.

    New features:
    - 4 new stacking recipe items for rings and shields.
    - Blood of Prime Evils was added as well as few cube recipes.
    - Short storyline for 9 unique weapons.
    - Monastery Gate location was rebuilt (Cubaholic).
    - Plane of Water location was rebuilt (Cubaholic).
    - Bishibosh was reworked (Cubaholic).
    - Dark Elder environment was reworked (Cubaholic).
    - New conception of Legendary Items drop. Now you can't get it neither from gambling nor from cube recipes, but you can get it from drop.
    - One new skill (on set item): Plague Axe.
    - Shaman' Tricks set has been remade.
    - Now all class skills regrouped to 6 skillbars instead of 3.

    - Levels of shard guards were raised.
    - Some set items were revisited.
    - Some monster tweakings.
    - Sanctuary takes 5% damage synergy from Cleansing instead of 10%.
    - One-way waypoint to Plains of Despair was removed.
    - Hireling levels on Normal difficulty equal to area levels where you hired them now.
    - Drop of health and mana potions on Hightmare and Hell difficulties was reduced (excluding champion and unique monsters). Drop of some special potions (potions of statistic
    and potions of resistance) on Hightmare and Hell difficulties was disabled.
    - No more skillpoints from Mystery Potions. Now you gain +X to Stamina instead.

    Bug fixes:
    - CRITICAL bug with corrupted "Reanimate as", "+X to Mana after each kill", some other properties and weird behaviour of such skills as Energy Shield and Cyclone Armor was fixed.
    - CRITICAL crash when entering Morgan's Lair on some systems was fixed.
    - Bifrons animation was replaced with Dark Barbarian animation model.
    - Blizzard bug with game crash when character goes to another act with sound off was fixed.
    - Too big log file in "Three Ways" location was fixed.
    - Countess Scroll image was fixed.
    - Bug when character can't take more than one any Malah charm was fixed.
    - "Skillful Like a Fox" mask doesn't get ethereality when you equip two items of Murderer's Teachings set.
    - Following sets now have their aura modifiers on their items instead of full set bonus: Dream in Steam, Melt in Plasma, Live in Clouds, Barbaric Aspirations, Amazonite
    Nightmare, Barbaric Shaman, Mocker Set, Oak of Druid.
    - Rarities of Legendary Items were fixed.
    - gl32oglinit.exe (3dfx Glide emulator control panel) now included in mod package.
    - Bug when Hard difficulty has even worse drop quality than Easy difficulty was fixed.
    - Monsters drop sphere shards in Act1 in right order.
    - Bug with wrong Magic Zombies' skill on death on Nightmare and Hell was fixed (Cubaholic).
    - Inner Tower location: transparency to walls was added, automap was fixed (Cubaholic).
    - Cold Plains location: entrance to Ancient Tower was added to automap (Cubaholic).
    - The Three Ways location: torches were removed (Cubaholic).
    - Mysterious Caves locations: torches were removed (Cubaholic).
    - The Ancient Labyrinth: perspective was disabled (Cubaholic).
    - The Abuzz Forest location: portal place was changed (Cubaholic).
    - Maze of the Light location: now you can see monsters behind walls (Cubaholic).
    - Act 1 town location: some problems with roof tiles were fixed, two waypoints were added (Cubaholic).
    - Catacombs lev.4 location: Pitspawn the Fouldog was moved to location entrance (Cubaholic).
    - Morgan's Lair location: tiles gamma was reduced (Cubaholic).
    - Act 2 town location: Book of Lore was moved to another place (Cubaholic).
    - The Ancient Vault location: the day/night cycle was disabled, some changes in wall tiles, portal place was changed, red portals were added, other fixes (Cubaholic).
    - Halls of Fame location: tiles gamma was reduced (Cubaholic).
    - Duriel's Lair location: non-functional waypoint was removed, some changes in wall tiles (Cubaholic).
    - Viper Temple lvl.2 location was reworked (Cubaholic).
    - Izual Chamber location: fire was added (Cubaholic).
    - Some other fixes (like file names, etc).

    New contest:
    - As a result of last contest (winner: NEITR0N), two secret runewords were added, one for melee weapon and one for bows and crossbows. Both can be assembled in items with 5
    sockets. And even more, these runewords ARE NEW CONTEST! Actually there are TWO contests. You need to assemble one of these runewords and you will be winner!
    - Third contest even more mysterious. The only thing we know is the one key for this contest and this key is... shrines!

True Mage - offline True Mage
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Запущен новый официальный сайт и форум! Буду рад всех видеть здесь: http://bfed2.diablomods.ru/

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