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Kamrad.ru Kamrad.ru » Тематические форумы » Simulators and Arcade Racing » !!!!!!!!!!!!НУЖЕН КРЯК К ПАТЧУ Battlecruiser Millennium v1.0.02 RC9 !!!!!!!!!!
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Zemlynin - offline Zemlynin
10-12-2001 01:50 URL сообщения Дневник     K-Mail    Профиль    Поиск    Контакт-лист   Редактировать

!!!!!!!!!!!!НУЖЕН КРЯК К ПАТЧУ Battlecruiser Millennium v1.0.02 RC9 !!!!!!!!!!

File Information: bcm1002.exe
Title: Battlecruiser Millennium v1.0.02 RC9 Patch
Author: 3000 AD
Desсription: This patch for Battlecruiser Millennium addresses a number of gameplay issues and fixes a few critical issues. Full details on changes can be found in the BCM Version Control File.
Size: 6.9 MB (7191025 bytes)
Download Time: 28 minutes at 33.6 Kbps
Date: 12/8/01 2:35:08 PM
Downloads: 32
Download Now!

Additional Info:

* Intruders will no longer board your ship if the EMD is on or you are in hyperspace
* Revised the inflation rate calculation. Good luck generating millions in Earth region
* Revised the mining drone mining logic. It now takes 400 mins to fill up completely and can mine up to 10 types of minerals (up from 5)
* Revised the radar (soundfx\misc.zip\beep16.wav) ping sound. Made it softer
* Added new RunBack animation subsets (about 70 new animations for all character models)
* First person weapon laser shots (e.g. Wristlaser) will no longer trigger shield/armor anims
* FIXED: In some planetary areas, the terrain height would shift, causing models to be in the air after viewing a model on a different map in the F10 camera view. This was most prevalent in the area where IA0022 takes place.
* FIXED: Sometimes deleting a profile in the Restore screen would not clear the screen of the deleted profile

Помогите найти кряк.Пытался взламать при помощи Safedisc_v2_40_10 неполучилось.Может кто знает КАК ?

[-=ELITE=-] ManiaC - offline [-=ELITE=-] ManiaC
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Elite-Games Если кряк сделают, то ищи его там.

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Элита, Элита, Элита,
Элита, Элита...

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