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Kamrad.ru Kamrad.ru » Тематические форумы » Simulators and Arcade Racing » Первый официальный патч для Strike Fighters
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Freddie - offline Freddie
Post22-01-2003 13:41 URL сообщения      K-Mail    Профиль    Поиск    Контакт-лист   Редактировать

Первый официальный патч для Strike Fighters

Выпущен вчера. Брать здесь:
http://www.strategyfirst.ca/downloa...es/SFP1_sp1.exe (2,9 Мб)
Вот что он правит:

Strike Fighters: Project 1

Service Pack 1 Readme

January 21, 2003

* Native support for NaturalPoint trackIR GX has been added. Please visit
their website at http://games.naturalpoint.com to download the interface
program. You must have NaturalPoint software open before starting Strike

* All new set of special effects, produced by Scott Gentile exclusively for
Strike Fighters, has been added.

* Padlock key now toggles correctly even after using a snap view key.

* Snap View Up key (keypad 5) may be combined with other snap view keys to give
intermediate look up view in any direction.

* AI wingmen will now jettison air-to-ground ordnances when engaging in a dogfight.

* RWR display (available only in F-4E cockpit) works correctly now.

* Roll rate has been increased for all aircraft.

* Debriefing Log no longer groups multiple cannon hits into a single line entry;
each individual cannon hit is now recorded separately.

* Debriefing Log now shows correct number of rounds fired from multiple cannons.

* Campaign no longer assigns night missions to day-only fighters (F-100 and A-4).

* Following three additional services have been added: German Navy
(Marinefliger), Royal Australian Navy, and Argentine Navy.

* C-130 landing gears will now extend correctly.

* Tu-22 having incorrect afterburner thrust value has been fixed.

* B-57 Canberra bombers now carry wingtip tanks correctly.

* Load out screen can now handle internal bomb bay with multiple bombs properly.

* Overall stability of the game has been improved.

* R and Shift-R no longer crash the game in Dogfight multiplayer mode.

* The Multiplayer Co-op mission briefing now displays the correct mission type.

* Players now start out closer in Multiplayer Co-op mission.

* The Multiplayer Dogfight Hangar screen now shows the correct aircraft image.

* Exiting a Dogfight multiplayer game now shows a more detailed debriefing.

* The wait time for client launch in the Game Spy Arcade has been increased.

* AAA and SAM units now show up properly.

* Skip to next encounter (Alt-N) always returning "Enemies are near!" bug is fixed.

* Aircraft upgrade text now shows up on the Campaign debriefing screen.

* Mercenary campaign now saves the available funds correctly.

* Mercenary campaign no longer receives automatic aircraft upgrades; you now
must purchase your new aircraft on the load out screen instead.

* Load out menu flickering on some video cards has been fixed.

* Campaign start screen crashing to desktop on some sound cards has been fixed.

* VMFA-531 campaign erroneously "upgrading" to F-100D has been fixed (already
affected campaign must be restarted from the beginning).

* Menu music volume no longer returns to default setting after exiting flight.

* MiG-17F having incorrect engine thrust value has been fixed.

* All rocket pods are now aligned better with A2G gun sight.

* A-4B/C/E 3D external models with misplaced polygon on the fuselage have
been fixed.

* Aileron response to input has been improved for all aircraft.

Strike Fighters: Project 1
Developed by Third Wire Productions
Published by Strategy First

Dont drink and drive - smoke and fly!

Paramon - offline Paramon
25-01-2003 23:24 URL сообщения      K-Mail    Профиль    Поиск    Контакт-лист   Редактировать

Как игрушка-то - ожила? Я после первого кривого варианта её и не пробовал, стоит ли вообще с ней заморачиваться? Или ждать Локон и Ил-3: Штурмовик-2?

Freddie - offline Freddie
27-01-2003 14:52 URL сообщения      K-Mail    Профиль    Поиск    Контакт-лист   Редактировать

Paramon Или ждать Локон

ИМХО, говоря цитатой из анекдота "не дождетесь!" Или если-таки дождетесь, то это будет Фланкер 2.51 с улучшенной графикой и новой моделью Су-25. Оно тебе надо?

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