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B-net only, Alert! Пользователям модуля "Yay" к D2hackit

Нескольким людям с этого форума может пригодиться информация приведенная ниже:

Hello again,

I hope you are having fun duping. I have taken the time to look through that modules code and its binarys and I have discovered some rather interesting things.

======== Edit: THE YAY MODULE IS NOT SAFE! READ BELOW ========

The module that is posted is NOT safe. It doesn't have a keylogger but it does have spyware. The people who posted it did not put the spyware in it, but the origional creater did or the person who baught it from him.

The module has triggers that will log all your actions with your d2hackit, activating a binary to give your cdkey, and your passwords, and some computer info to a cgi bin.

This was VERY smart of the person who did this, but it is also very evil. He did this mostlikly knowing it would get leaked eventually, so if it did he can take advantage of it.

I do not use this module I created my own long ago for this method. BD.d2h and Yay.d2h is a very good module except for the fact, it is rigged. It works fine, you can't notice it is rigger it was hex edited very well. Virus scanners can't detect it because it doesn't log your keys, and it isnt a virus or a backdoor. It isn't using illeagal commands. It merely uses triggers.

How do you get rid of it?

Delete the module, delete your hackit, reinstall d2. Once d2 is reinstalled you should change your passwords. Your cdkeys might be stolen but your accounts will be safe.

I am sorry for your losses. I am just trying to protect you. A safer module is in the making I do not want to release my origional so I will be releasing a better one soon.

Why believe me? I am not going to make you do anything. I have no reason to lie to you. I don't "Play" Diablo II, I just make money. Go ahead, keep duping. Is it all worth it to loose everything you have givin?

If you do not believe me, go through its origional hex strings and find the db of the triggers, then you will see for your self.


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За информацию - Thx to Satana.

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